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Some women, however, will find out at a most inopportune moment – when they go to their midwife or obstetrician in the first trimester and hope to hear the heart beat of their new little one.

My first prenatal appointment was scheduled for ten weeks and one day at our local birth center. I had been feeling depressingly nauseous and tired, and I was looking forward to hearing the heartbeat of my baby.

At dinner parties I like to tell stories about my backwards (retroverted, tipped, or tilted) uterus. According to the ultrasound technician that discovered my retroverted uterus, this is a normal abnormality because as many as one in three women have a uterus that tilts towards their spine instead of the bladder.

The cause of a tilted uterus is genetic, and many women may never know they have this condition.

I had fertility treatment and gave birth to twin, went on and had a miscarriage a year later due to a blighted ovum.

My hcg lever was not doubling like it should and an ultra sound showed no viable fetus in the sac, no spine or heartbeat.

Now it has all been taken away - the doctors have written it off as a non - viable pregnancy, and are telling me to wait for a miscarriage.My husband and friends convinced me to go the ER to get a sonogram. Then we did a sonogram and she saw the sac but no embryo or heartbeat inside. The baby was not growing as it should have and my HCG levels were only slightly rising when checked. On one of the US the Sac looked like a summer squash shape not round or oval.The nurse asked when my last period was and I told her it was December 8th of 2004. I live in Spain so I couldn't ask for the HCG blood test as it isn't administered here. I'll keep praying for all of you and my little baby as well. Which the Radiologist said along with the slow heart rate gave me an 80% chance of mc. I am 9wk 5d today with my fourth pregnancy (Only one living child) have had minor bright red spotting around weeks 5-8 but none in a week! Im so anxiously waiting for results I am so convinced that this pregnancy is non-viable now because my second sonogram showed nothing in the sac wierd thing i noticed on the screen was a gummybear looking thing like an embryo outside the sac below near my cervix.i will not know till tomarrow but I am so puzzled at my new discovery. god bless everyone in their pregnancies and with their losses if anyone would like to contact me personaly for support my E-mail :[email protected] feel free i check it everyday and will respond with what i know to the best of my knowledge!Doc has told me to get another scan done which will be the third in the 20 days. what is she waiting for..not go ahead with D & C i too just had a sonogram done at the ER after i was checked in for bleeding my doctor told me i was 7 wks 3 days but the ER doc said i was eight and that would mean there would be a heartbeat and there wasnt .the strange thing is that it has been a week and i havent bled or spotted at all and according to the ER doc my HCG levels were very high. unfortunatel i had a similar situation last year and my doctor called it a blighted ovum mine was also around 8 weeks with the sak showing around 6 i was told this meant the egg was not fertilised correctly but it is rare, i did not wait for a miscarriage since there was not fetal heartbeat we had a d&c to have the sack removed i saw my doc today and was told to go back tomarrow for an US.

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In addition to providing writing surfaces and drawers, some desks provided pigeonholes for documents and slots for ledgers.

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