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There are 360 days in a year for Brahma and we are in the first day of 51st year.

No wonder, ancient Indians had to be perfect in mathematics before going into all these things. But then Brahma is resting in the night, so lets get back to the day again. The 4 yugas are Satya Yuga (also called Krita Yuga), Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Kali Yuga.

Now this universe represented by Brahma is not a permanent universe, it is temporary, Brahma lives for 100 years say the vedas and then dies and then a new universe (Brahma) is born. Later we shall see how long each year of Brahma is.

For now, brahma represents our universe which has birth and death, a big bang and a big cruch, from a navel singularity.

Fortunately, the absolute truth is now out for everyone to see for themselves !!! of India organization) who excavated the Hastinapur site in 1951 and found out a flooding zone that was dated to 8th century (800-700 BCE).

Rama was born in 1331 BCE and became king in 1299 BCE; the Mahabharata War took place in 827 BCE. This event of flooding of Hastinapur is also mentioned in the Puranas to have occurred about 4 generations from Parikshita, the grandson of Yudhishthira. Lal and the phenomenon of double eclipse pair stated in the Mahabharata, we are able to clearly locate the Mahabharata war to 827 BCE.

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) ISRAEL/BENGHAZI TALKING POINTS SHOW EXTENT THAT ISRAEL CONTROLS US POLICY AND HOW DEEP THE COVER UP OF THE STAND DOWN ORDER AT BENGHAZI GOES 01 ISRAEL/BENGHAZI TALKING POINTS SHOW EXTENT THAT ISRAEL CONTROLS US POLICY AND HOW DEEP THE COVER UP OF THE STAND DOWN ORDER AT BENGHAZI GOES 02 CLINTON FOUNDATION DONORS HOW SAUDI ARABIA AND OTHER CONTROL US POLITICS EXCEL PUBLISHED OCTOBER 06, 2016 839 MBs OF DOCUMENTS FROM INSIDE CLINTON ORG GUCCIFER 2.0 MORE CLINTON DOCS Zukerberg and Edward Snowden are Greenbergs THEY ARE COUSINS Download family album investigation connected to a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring KSM operating within Washington, D. Over the next few days, and this November 5th, we will be referencing evidence and exposing the Clinton foundations for multiple incidences of child trafficking and sex scandals.

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To feel loved, appreciated, and treated tenderly brings her great joy.

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The highest (generic) age rating category in Japan for dōjinshi, movies, games (e.g., eroge), etc. Another term for threesomes is "sanninkon" (三人婚 lit.

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One reason might be that I once got a hard on looking at my best friend’s mother.