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What wording do you type into the search engine to be as specific as possible? They have now been married 7 years in April & have 2 kids.When she was living here in America, she always told me it was her "dream" to meet & marry a man from the UK. Bottom line, do you think it's dangerous or even a bit pathetic to have this kind of "dream" since, there's plenty of people in your own country?I won't lie as I am no liar & call me crazy (who hasn't) but, at a time too before, I really wanted to be like her & I broke my butt to meet someone because, I was on sites specifically for bands from the UK & I thought that, if I kept on posting & talking to these men, a similar fate might have followed me like it happened to her. That's kind of how I am feeling about my life now in terms of marriage, family & kids.Growing older & somewhat wiser..can't "make" life happen. Luckily though, I am a generally positive woman who has a busy, active life outside of the computer.I do know, though, that if there is a market for it, someone will set up a dating site specifically tailored to bring each entity together, even if it's people who are determined to marry an armadillo.I searched in Google for American looking for British dates, and got pages of hits.Sure, I get my lonely moments & am cynical but, generally, I'm cool.I will say this in terms to my posting here, I have been to the UK several times myself. I am meeting up w/ a bunch of FB friends most of whom, are in a music-related career. Yet, I am not going to expect or anticipate anything obviously that will probably not be there.

Why try to get to know someone romantically who lives so far away I don't get it. I did meet someone ne time who lived in another country. I'm from France and my Girlfriend is from Denmark..live in Canada. There is a natural curiosity about where you are from and many people are quite genuine in wanting to make you feel welcome. I get US guys all the time even after I put in the message in the profile, not to bother. PS If the kids are born in Britain, they don't have an accent LOL duh. Personally, I only date greenland eskimo women, I just love a woman who'll chew the fat with me.I specifically have been to the cities of Manchester & Liverpool the most times alone. (I know this sounds cynical but, I am just being realistic).I won't lie too, I travel to Liverpool especially b/c (& I don't care what anyone thinks of me here), I was quite hoping to meet a great guy from there & I was hoping it would turn into love. I hope all of you here find whom you've been waiting for... I mean in laymen's terms: she gave up her life, family, career, friends to literally start a new life over.However, it was her choice because, she really wanted to move to the UK.

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You make a good point on the Hotlist and keeping the information private.

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Heigl was frequently featured in photo essays in magazines such as Life, TV Guide, and Teen as well as FHM.

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If you feel like you're turning over every rock and still not finding happiness, it's not that your heart is flatlining—it's just that in trying to cut out sadness, you might be missing the dark that makes the light so much brighter.

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Welcome to the A to Z of the gay themed films listed on Gay Celluloid; namely the site index of the feature films, short films and short film compilations that have been viewed and reviewed to date.